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We are here to help you with your IT development project. Not just do what you want, but advise, assist and enhance to make your project effective, competitive and just perfect. Any budget. Any restrictions. Any ambitions. If you really want to see your task solved, your idea implemented and your solution applied - we will find a way!

What are we?

We help startups, small businesses, educational, arts and academic institutions with their IT solutions: software, hardware, enclosures, mechanical design. Small businesses frequently face situation when they are not experienced and skillful to get a result from independent contractors, but restricted budget does not let them hire a professional service. There we help. We are flexible enough to find a solution for any customer in any situation. We do things that work and we support them until it being done. We are always your friendly and fair partners.

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Electronic Shelf Labels

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Automotive Wireless Equipment

Telematics, communications multimedia

We help in:

Interactive Design

Hardware design


Software development


Graphic design

Interactive Design

Product management


Mobile apps


We believe in synergy,
and win-win stories!


We are in United States!